RESTscape Java Services

Although RESTscape isn't language dependent, Java has been used for the initial implementation efforts, so there's a lot of work already done for this lang.

There are two java subproject types:

  • libraries: JAR projects that are used by other libraries or services
  • service sets: WAR projects that implement some related RESTscape services


These subprojects try to build foundation class libraries for easy service building:

  • restscape-java-commons: Library with common code.
  • restscape-java-rsf: Framework library with an abstract RESTscape service implementation. This code can be used to build services that inheriting all the common behaviour for a good RESTscape service.

Service sets

These subprojects take group related services and group them into a single web application that can be deployed into a JEE container.

  • xsl: XSL service provides XSL related operations, as XSLT, FO conversion to PDF, or SVG rendering into an image.
    • xslt: Use this command to translate an input XML through an XSL.
    • fo2pdf: Use this command to render a FO XML file into a PDF.
    • svg2img: Use this command to render a SVG XML file into an image.